About THE Committee For The Hunter

Our Mission

The Committee for the Hunter is an independent and inclusive champion for the people of the Hunter and their enterprises, providing effective advocacy and thought leadership to help build a sustainable and prosperous future for the region.

The Story So Far

The Committee for the Hunter formed in 2018 prompted by discussion among the community about the need for a single, unified voice to represent the interests of the region.

With a unified voice, the region signals that it is collaborating on its future, that it is strategic and united in its approach to generating enterprise and investment for the benefit of all.

The role of the Committee for the Hunter is acknowledged in the Greater Newcastle Metropolitan Plan, which says:

‘[The] Committee is an independent body providing civic leadership and championing the success of the Hunter region, including the metropolitan area. They will advise on metropolitan-scale issues through collaboration between community, industry and government.’

Why We Exist

The Committee for the Hunter provides a unified voice to advance the Hunter. We identify long-term strategic goals and champion these on behalf of the region.

The Committee is an independent and non-partisan organisation bringing together community leaders with the common goal of driving growth, prosperity and diversity in the Hunter.

We see a continued future for the Hunter as Australia’s leading regional economy and share a vision for enhancing the economic, social, cultural, environmental and creative assets of the region.

Reflecting insights of the long-standing Committee for Cities and Regions network, the Committee for the Hunter brings together leaders from across the community who are committed to reaching agreement across disparate interests and advocating for the region as a whole.

The national and international evidence is clear: cities and regions where leaders collaborate with a shared vision and an agreed set of priorities attract major public and private investment, delivering social and economic returns for all members of the community.

Our advocacy and thought leadership is evidence-based, focusing on social and economic capacity across the entire region in order to strengthen the Hunter as a place to live, work, visit and invest.

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